Professional standards and continuing education requirements help to ensure individuals provide the best possible service to their clients.

How can I get continuing education credits?

How do I get CEU/continuing education credits? At the end of each session, you will receive a link for a survey. After completing the survey, you will receive an email with your certificate of attendance for that session.

I completed the survey but did not receive the email with my certificate.  Please send your name, email, and the session in question to  We will follow up with you.

I need more information about which credits I will get for attending.  Check out the Sessions pages to find out available credits per session.

Can I still get credit for watching recorded sessions? Yes.

What if I’m watching with a group? In order to satisfy requirements for crediting bodies, we will be taking attendance at the beginning and end of each session. If you need credit for a session and are attending as a group, make sure to type in the chat the names of the people in the room. Each individual needs to complete their own survey to receive a certificate of attendance for the session.

(Reminder that in order to receive credit for attending the sessions, you will need to have registered for the event.)

The Alaska Children’s Alliance has secured agreements to obtain continuing education credits with the following organizations.

Alaska Bar Association

The Alaska Bar Association approves up to xx Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits (includes yy Ethics credits) for the Standard Conference and xx.yy credits for the Role of the Medical Provider in Court (includes x.y Ethics credits).

Alaska is an honor-system state so all attorneys must keep track of their own CLE Credits and report them through their personal Alaska Bar Association dashboard at the end of each calendar year.

For in-person training, a Uniform Application must be submitted.

Contact:  Lynn Coffee

National Association of Social Workers

The National Association of Social Workers approves xxxx total Continuing Education Units (CEUs) that correspond to specific conference sessions. This includes CEUs in the following topics:
Substance Use (1.5 CEUs), Alaska Native (2.5 CEUs), Cultural (1.5 CEUs), Ethics (1.5 CEUs), and 22 General CEUs.


Contact:  Tonie Protzman

Submit a NASW-Alaska Chapter Professional Development Application to get CEU.   Cost is $200.

For in-person credit, you need to sign the attendance sheet with picture ID (in beginning).  Names, addresses, and attendance forms witll be forwarded within 60 days.

National Children's Alliance

For CAC/MDT partners, such as Forensic Interviewers, Family Advocates, Medical providers, and Mental Health providers:  Conferendce sessions can be applied towards training requirements to meet National Children’s Alliance accrediattion standards.  Be sure to provide your CAC manager with copies of your certificates of completion.

Alaska Police Standards Council

The Alaska Police Standards Council approves the entire conference agenda for Law Enforcement Officers including probation, correctional, municipal correctional, Village Police Officers, municipal police officers, and Alaska State Troopers.  The council approves a maximum of xx.y training hours for the Standard Conference, and xx.yy training hours for the Post-Conference xxxxxxxxxxx.

To get credit for Inservice training hours, submit an F20 form.

Washington State Medical Association / Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium

The Washington State Medical Association/Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium approves xx American Medical Association Physician’s Recognition Award (AMA PRA) Category 1 Credit(s) for physicians and xx nursing contact hour credits.